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National Park Foundation LogoTicket to Ride Grant
for Little River Canyon

One of the greatest barriers preventing our youth from experiencing the national parks around them is transportation. The goal of the National Park Foundation's Ticket to Ride program is to provide efficient transportation support for over 100,000 students to visit our national parks annually. Once in the parks, a world of learning begins as young people discover their natural, cultural and historical heritage, participate in volunteer and service-learning activities, enjoy recreational opportunities and most importantly, begin a lifelong relationship with their national parks.


At Little River Canyon, this program will bring students to the park to explore Little River Canyon and its special habitats, history, archeology, and geology using park resources as outdoor classrooms.  Outdoor activities account for many of the programs including American Indian atlatls, chunkey games and stickball activities, chestnut tree restoration, and citizen science.

NPF - 04/2015



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Backcountry Campgrounds Closed

Little River Canyon National Preserve has closed three backcountry campsites, Hartline Ford, Slant Rock and Billy's Ford, for health and safety reasons.


“We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our visitors,” said Acting Superintendent Paul Carson. “Unfortunately, when we were inspecting the sites prior to our normal spring opening, we determined that we must keep them closed because the pit toilets at the sites are unserviceable. They are at risk of overflowing and contaminating the surrounding areas. That is why we took action to close the sites and begin planning for clean up.”


“We recognize how important camping is to our visitors and we are working to quickly establish replacement sites. We hope to have information about the new sites available in the near future.” Carson said the park is completing required studies of the replacement sites to ensure they meet state and federal standards. He is unable to say when the new sites will open.


Carson said the closed sites will be returned to their natural state after they are cleaned.


Source: LRCNP 1/21/2015

backcountry campground
Backcountry Campground

Backcountry Road Closure

Little River Canyon NP Backcountry Road 05 is officially closed between Hartline Ford and Road 08. The park has blocked access using barricades and signs. A deep sinkhole has collapsed in the middle of the road and the hole is still growing. It is unsafe to drive over or around this sinkhole; the extra weight could collapse more of the road. Water is flowing from a spring under the road creating this problem.


Due to the heavy rains, the waters in the river and creeks are moving rapidly. Attempts to cross the river and some creeks during high water have resulted in rescues, property damage and nearly cost several people their lives over the years. Several vehicles were totaled by attempts to cross the river.


With this year’s wet weather, backcountry roads are soft and unstable. Deliberately spinning tires and “mudding” damages the road beds making access to the backcountry difficult for other visitors. It increases response times for emergency responders to reach injured or lost visitors.


While driving in the backcountry, avoid rapid accelerations, and drive on the harder surfaces in the road. To access the Hartline area use Roads 09 and 05 north. Use Roads 08 and 07 to access the management area south of Hartline, or come in from the south on Road 05. We regret any inconveniences this may cause.


For more information or to register call (256)845-9605 or e mail larry_beane@nps.gov.


sink hole on road 05

Sink hole in backcountry road 05, March 17, 2015