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Randy & Kelly Owen become Friends of the Preserve

Randy & Kelly Owen First Friends
Membership recruitment has officially launched for the new Friends of the Preserve at Little River Canyon, and President John Dersham announces country music icon Randy Owen of Alabama and his wife Kelly are the first members of the newly established organization.


Randy and Kelly Owen have always been committed to protecting the environment and promoting environmental stewardship. One song in particular, “Pass It On Down” makes mention of the Little River Canyon and reflects Randy’s (and co-writers’) desire to raise awareness for environmental responsibility.



There’s a place where I lived called the Canyon
Where Daddy taught me to swim
And that water, it’s so pure
And I'm gonna make sure
Daddy's grandkids can swim there like him

Now we all ought to feel just a little bit guilty
When we look into the eyes of our kids
‘Cause brothers it’s a fact, if we take and don’t put back
They'll have to pay for all we did


So let’s leave some blue up above us
Let's leave some green on the ground
It’s only ours to borrow, let's save some for tomorrow
Leave it and pass it on down


Written by Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry, Will Robinson, and Ronnie Rogers, “Pass It On Down” topped at No. 3 on the country charts in 1990.


“As with any non-profit organization, volunt

eers are the backbone; the glue that holds everything together. Our members will be the driving force in the success of this newly established environmental organization,” said Friends of the Preserve President John Dersham. “Protecting the environment for future generations to enjoy should be a responsibility everyone should grasp, just as Randy and Kelly Owen have done so over the years. They will serve as great advocates for protecting the Little River Canyon National Preserve and will be instrumental in creating awareness and gathering support for the Friends of the Preserve and its mission.”


The Friends of the Preserve at Little River Canyon is a non-profit environmental organization with a purpose to promote and protect the natural, cultural, historic, and recreational resources of Little River Canyon National Preserve and to assure that they are available to the public now and for future generations. Little River Canyon National Preserve is located on Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama and covers approximately 14,000 acres. Membership is available through five categories: $50 business, $35 non-profit organization, $35 family, $25 individual, and $10 student.


For more information on becoming a member, visit our membership page or call 256.845.9605. 


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